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    ​​Chinese Herbal Medicine


        Pain Management

        ​Sports Injuries

        ​Herbal Soak

        16455 # B Village Plaza View Dr. WildWood, MO 63011
        Chiropractic~Chinese Herbal Medicine~AestheticsMassage
        Herbal Soak​ ​​~Pain Management~Sports Injuries

        Pain Management Herbal Tub 
        ​Migraine and Headache
        “Frozen Shoulder”,
        ​“Tennis Elbow”
        Sciatica and low back pain

        ​All Herbal Soak can help 

        We will use herbal, natural healing to make us more healthy.
        ​We combine the history or Western healing and traditional Chinese medicine as well.

        We utilize various organic dried herbs that are included in our beautiful copper tub. By immersing yourself for only 15-40 mins. The essential oils from the plants will soak into your body to begin their healing magic.
        By using organic herbs, the treatments are safe and effective.

        ​A brief list of conditions we can treat:

        Gentlemen’s Health- Energy
        Lady’s feminine health
        Stress relief and Dry skin
        Pain Management and Joint aches and pains
        Monthly cramps
        Sinus and chest congestion
        Body detox, and more

        Copper Tub Herbal Soak 20-40 mins for $45
        A blend of different Herbs to help relax and relieve aches 
        ​and pains​.
        ​Great for Gentlemen energy and Ladies' natural beauty.